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Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc., designs safety gates to secure the ledges of pallet drop areas on mezzanines and rack picking systems. Our safety gates create controlled-access areas with dual, counterbalanced gates to ensure one gate is always in place to secure the ledge. Our gates are designed to meet or exceed the appropriate OSHA and IBC codes as well as ANSI standards for elevated work platforms, which requires the use of a dual-gate system to secure all pallet drop areas. We offer a variety of models to fit virtually any application and welcome the challenge to design a new model to fit your unique requirements.


ANSI standard requires dual-gate systems
The new American National Standard (ANSI) published by the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Associations states in section 6.4.3 that "any gate that provides an access opening through the guards for the purpose of loading and unloading material onto a work platform shall be designed such that the elevated surface is protected by guards at all times. Gates that swing open, slide open, or lift our leaving an unprotected opening in the guarding are not acceptable."
Mezzanine Safeti-Gates Inc. manufactures gate systems that meet this new industry standard.

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Multiple Designs to
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