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Total Control Access (TCA)

 Like the original Roly safety gate, the new Total Control Access (TCA) design is a dual-gate system, but the gates do not operate in tandem. With the TCA pallet drop safety gate, when one gate is open, the opposite gate stays fully closed and is prevented from opening until the other is fully into the closed position.

TCA gate operations are automatic and solely done through the proprietary technology and connections within the system, so employees no longer are required to operate or touch the devices. This is helpful in high volume fulfillment centers in which speed to move pallets is a top priority.

TCA Advantages:

  • Available for single or double-wide standard sizes
  • Exceeds OSHA fall protection regualtions, ANSI standards and IBC codes
  • Available in powder-coated mild steel or electro-polished stainless steel
  • Photo eyes and tension monitors detect and correct issues automatically
  • Sensors available to connect to WMS, AGVs and other facility equipment
  • Custom sizes to fit any pallet drop area

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