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Tri-Side Safety Gate

The Tri-Side mezzanine safety gate creates a controlled-access area while taking up a minimum amount of space on the work platform. With fixed stanchions only fourteen inches (14”) deep, this safety gate allows access to the sides of the pallet and is ideal for production platforms, walkways or where depth on the platform is limited within manufacturing, material handling and distribution center environments. Pallets can be removed straight back into the area or to either ninety degree side.

Tri-Side Advantages:

  • Unique design takes up a minimum amount of space on platform
  • Allows side access to the pallet
  • Ideal for production platforms or walkways or anywhere where depth is limited
  • Available in powder-coated mild steel and electro-polished stainless steel
  • Available in manual or power operation
  • Available in standard and custom widths
  • Available in rack-supported configuration

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Product Brochure

Stainless Steel Tri-Side Mezzanine Safety Gate
Mezzanine Safety Gate TriSide Model
TriSide Safety Gate on Production Platform
Power Operated Tri Side Mezzanine Safety Gate