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Safety Gate Videos

Our library of pallet drop safety gate videos. All designs meet OSHA regulations and ANSI standards for fall protection. We can also create custom designs for unique applications.

Roly Safety Gate

See how versatile Roly mezzanine safety gate protects ledges of pallet drop areas and provides fall protection. The original dual-gate system, this pallet drop gate is the right solution for most applications, and can be power operated for remote operation.

Rack Supported Safety Gate

Learn the best way to provide fall protection on elevated pallet drop areas in pick modules. Rack supported designs of our pallet drop safety gates are available in the Roly (shown in the video), Pivot and Tri-Side models.

Tri-Side Safety Gate

Watch how the Tri-Side mezzanine safety gate provides fall protection in a manufacturing facility that features an elevated pallet drop area on a processing platform.

Pivot Safety Gate

Learn about the versatile Pivot and High Pallet Pivot safety gate models and see how they can be customized to meet your facility's needs.

Open Top Safety Gate

View how the Open Top pallet drop safety gate provides fall protection while allowing for overhead overhead chain hoists or vacuums.

Dock Lift Safety Gate

Dock-Lift safety gates create a safe environment and provide fall protection for employees moving material to and from loading docks on lifts.